Narrative of Lifetime of Frederick Douglass: An american Servant


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In the day out of August, 1841, I attended an anti-slavery summit in Nantucket, of which it was my joy to become knowledgeable about Frederick Douglass, the writer of following Narrative. He was a stranger to virtually every member of one body; however,, with has just made their escape from this new southern prison-house from bondage, and you may impression their attraction happy to look for the values and you may actions of abolitionists,-out of exactly who he previously heard a comparatively vague description while he is a servant,-he had been triggered giving his attendance, into affair alluded so you’re able to, no matter if at that time a resident within the The fresh Bedford.

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Fortunate, extremely happy occurrence!-fortunate into the scores of his manacled brethren, yet , panting to have deliverance off their terrible slavery!-lucky to your reason behind negro emancipation, as well as common independence!-happy into belongings off his beginning, he has already done this far to store and you can bless!-lucky having a massive community from relatives and you will colleagues, whoever sympathy and you may affection he’s got firmly protected from the of several sufferings he has got experienced, because of the his virtuous qualities from profile, because of the their actually-abiding remembrance of them who are when you look at the securities, as actually likely with these people!-happy on thousands, in different parts of the republic, whoever brains they have enlightened on the subject of bondage, and you can who were dissolved so you’re able to rips from the his pathos, otherwise roused so you can virtuous indignation by their stirring eloquence resistant to the enslavers of men!-lucky to have himself, since it at a time delivered your for the arena of public flexibility, “provided the world promise from one,” quickened the new slumbering efforts of their soul, and consecrated him into high work of damaging the rod of oppressor, and allowing the oppressed wade 100 % free!

I shall remember 1st speech from the convention-the new outrageous emotion it thrilled in my brain-brand new effective impression they written abreast of a crowded auditory, totally drawn because of the surprise-the fresh applause hence then followed from the beginning toward avoid from their felicitous remarks. I think I never ever hated slavery so intensely once the at that moment; yes, my feeling of your astounding fury that’s inflicted by it, for the godlike nature of their victims, is actually rendered much more clear than ever. Here endured that, in actual ratio and you can prominence commanding and you may specific-for the intellect richly endowed-inside pure eloquence good prodigy-from inside the spirit manifestly “created however, a tiny lower than brand new angels”-yet a slave, ay, an excellent fugitive slave,-moving getting their protection, barely daring to trust that into Western crushed, a single white individual would be receive who does befriend your whatsoever problems, toward love of Goodness and you can mankind! Ready higher attainments because a cerebral and you may ethical being-trying to find simply a fairly small amount of cultivation and also make your a design so you can people and you will a blessing to his battle-by the rules of your house, by sound of those, of the terms of the fresh slave password, he was simply some property, a monster out of burden, a great chattel personal, however!

A precious friend off New Bedford prevailed for the Mr. Douglass to address the newest conference. He appeared toward the working platform having an excellent hesitancy and you will embarrassment, necessarily the fresh attendants out-of a delicate notice such a novel position. Immediately after apologizing getting their ignorance, and you will reminding the viewers you to definitely slavery was a bad university getting the human being intellect and you may cardiovascular system, he went on so you’re able to narrate some of the factors in his own history due to the fact a slave, plus the course away from their speech provided utterance to many commendable viewpoint and you can thrilling reflections. Whenever he previously drawn his seat, full of vow and you may admiration, We rose, and e, never made a demonstration so much more eloquent throughout the cause of independence, as compared to that we had merely paid attention to in the mouth of these hunted fugitive. Thus i noticed at that time-instance try my personal faith now. I reminded the audience of danger and therefore surrounded this mind-emancipated young buck at the Northern,-inside Massachusetts, on soil of your Pilgrim Dads, one of several descendants regarding vanguard sires; and i also appealed to them, whether or not they do ever before ensure it is your are carried returning to bondage,-legislation or no law, structure if any structure. The response are unanimous along with thunder-tones-“Zero!” “Would you succor and cover him due to the fact a sister-man-a citizen of your own old Bay State?” “Sure!” shouted the entire mass, having an energy so surprising, that the high pressure tyrants southern area from Mason and you will Dixon’s line might nearly know the brand new mighty burst out-of perception, and you can approved it the newest guarantee out-of an enthusiastic invincible determination, on the part of those who provided they, not to betray your you to definitely wanders, but to full cover up the brand new outcast, and you may securely to help you abide the consequences.

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