Acquisition 66 and another Era [ ]

Race off Cato Neimoida [ ]

Within battle within the Clone Battles, Kol, Clay, and you may Katrina helped in helping air forces above the conflict-ripped Cato Neimoida. Bringing the endeavor in dimensions, Kol, close to a number of their soldiers, battered a number of the Separatists pushes off vulture droids, while you are Clay and you may Katrina assaulted brand new dreadnaughts, at some point decline new Separatists pushes in dimensions, despite the fact that was basically recalled straight back once their purpose. Kol commented toward his return to Cato Neimoida, stating that it could have left a whole lot recommended that he previously done it the very first time he had been towards the world, while the conflict was actually happening for more than per year.

Latest Serves and Prospects for the Front side outlines (19 BBY) [ ]

As the what can after that feel known as the finally 12 months out of the brand new Clone Battles, Kol began to mostly remain at the latest temple, regarding the expectations of comforting themselves off immediately following having numerous romantic falls to your black front side, following their reencounters which have Darth Xylonic, and many almost every other rouge Sith Warriors, just who resided on the planet from Umbara. Because of Kol’s current fingers of the his predecessor, Kol’s identity started to drastically modifying, and you may is actually don’t the latest clam Jedi he use to be, and you may began tell you a more really serious edge of himself, for this reason even showing lees regard for a couple advantages of your Council, except Shaak Ti. Also, Kol’s stamina got improved sufficient, to even transform Darth Sidious themselves. Together with other deeds, Kol got already been to make irresponsible, and you can consequential actions during the front contours, hence from which brought about multiple losses on the Republics soldiers. Having been scolded because of the Jedi Council from time to time, however, Kol’s troopers nevertheless respected your and forgave your when he lost several of the brothers, understanding that the pressure of war try strengthening to your him, and his multiple close-slide knowledge. Kol along with struggled many times to save their conscience straight, when he battled on how best to remain calm, also keeping their head sane.

Prelude to acquire 66 [ ]

Whenever Purchase 66 is actually awarded, Kol first got it when you are being into Felucia out-of clones inside their squad exactly who received the transaction. Feeling the fatalities of numerous Jedi Padawans, Knights and Benefits, the guy visited face new clones along with his lightsabers already ignited, where their troopers fired up your and you may discharged, but the guy deflected most of the blast destroying these. Feeling you to Ahsoka was at possibilities, he went so you’re able to the lady. Upon to arrive, he spotted Ahsoka away numbered from the clones and you will unable to deviate the fresh blasts. The guy found its way to big date

Next Skirmish to your Mustafar [ ]

appear, for a “‘meeting”. Kol is actually unaware of the new duel anywhere between Anakin and you can Obi-Wan which happened ahead of his coming to the firey globe. Having declined help from Aria, and you will Ahsoka, Kol decided to go to Mustafar in which he had been confronted by a familiar face. Through to fulfilling this new shape, Kol approved it absolutely was Fio, unfamiliar so you’re able to Kol himself, Fio had been the one who perpetrated his moms and dads passing. Disgusted by it Kol encountered Fio on as to the reasons he inserted the new black front side, in which the conflict perform fall into a life-threatening duel. In the duel, both spoke garbage to each other when you are Fio constantly spoke rubbish and exactly how Buy 66 try a wonderful question. Upgrading the fresh new unpredictable mining advanced with the Mustafar. Since duel intense new exploration towers began to collapse through Kol’s power showing try enormous hatred to possess Fio just who deceived their friends age before. Regardless if

supported by rage, Kol kept his relaxed and you can stayed with the white front side, playing with his results in both the new light and black to help you without difficulty catch Fio out-of shield. Yet not Fio do quickly prevent and you may incapacitate Kol by reducing off part of his prosthetic case, hence remaining your not able to challenge. On to the floor, Kol got his shed prosthetic arm, watching it had been without having any hands. Just like the Fio happy to hit the latest strike, Kol made use of the Push in order to activiate his lightsaber that was on the his cut prosthetic right-hand. Then he taken it, hence stabbing your through the gut regarding back , following made use of their second knife stabbing him through the breasts, destroying Fio immediately. Respiration greatly once a lengthy serious duel, Kol retrieved their knives and you can returned to the fresh boat. He then fixed their prosthetic sleeve.

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